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    We will know Cape Coral tow truck during the call, if we can’t find it we will call your insurance company and they will confirm for us that you don’t. Your also not covered for it under any roadside. If you call us and we set it as a tire change and the service provider goes and does you a great favor by pumping up your tire and leaves and it goes flat and again you call us you’ve just wasted everyone’s time againB) We will not pick you up at your home. If you need your vehicle towed and you got a ride back to your home leaving your car on the side of the interstate without a key we can’t tow it without you going back to it. The service provider won’t get paid to drive 10 – 20 miles out of his way to pick up your key and will not tow a vehicle with no one there and no key. The only ones authorized to do that are police. (and if you did leave your vehicle on the side of an interstate they may already have towed it to an impound lot.)C) We don’t send anyone to work on your car. They will jump start, do lock outs, tire changes, fuel deliveries, tows. A service provider will not work on your car on the side of the road or even at your home. If it needs repairs it needs to be towed somewhere to have that done.D) Tow trucks can’t provide rides for more than two people. If you have a vehicle with 7 people in it you need to make arrangements to get everyone home or where your going on your own. Roadside doesn’t cover rides at all only the tow and tow trucks are only built with maximum three seats. If it is a truly dangerous situation on the side of the road in the desert and you have no way at all of getting back to civilization and someone will die or be injured we can call 911/ the police for you and get you to them on our phone.E) We can’t tow out of a 6 – 7 foot parking garage. Keep in mind the clearance of a parking garage is 6 – 7 foot high so the truck roof would have to be at least a foot lower for anyone to attempt to drive inside the garage. You won’t find a tow truck 5 – 6 feet tall, they are all taller than that. The vehicle needs to be pushed to an entrance.F)If you lose your key and have a newer car with a key that has a microchip inside we can’t cut your key. The only one who can is the dealer of that type of vehicle and with the newer key they need your vehicle there to test it. You must get towed in, they must make the key, code the key and try the key on your door to make sure it works. The making of the key isn’t covered under any roadside assistance an may cost a few hundred dollars in some cases.G) If you lock your key in the trunk and don’t have a trunk release there are two ways to get it out have a new key made(which mentioned previously may cost you as much as a few hundred dollars) or have someone break your trunk open.

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