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    There are no exceptions for M5 because it is a Rules & Regulations exam.Module 9– Life Insurance Policy and Investment-Linked PoliciesTo guarantee prospective financial advisers/ reps have the requisite fundamental knowledge of life insurance policy and also investment-linked policies.Those meaning to give advice on and/ or arrange life insurance policy policies (whether consisting of investment-linked policies) are called for to pass this module, along with the module M5 on Rules and Regulations for Financial Advisory Solutions, in conformity with the requirements as put down by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).Same as module 5 above, this exam contain 100 numerous Selection Questions and also you will need to score 70% and also over to pass. One mark will certainly be awarded for every right solution. No mark will certainly be granted or subtracted for any type of wrong or empty answer.Module 9a– Life Insurance and also Investment-Linked Policies IIThis examination is for brand-new and existing agent of financial advisers that require to abide by MAS requirement to have the requisite knowledge to suggest or sell Investment-Linked Life Insurance Policies (ILPs).The objectives of the CMFAS Exam for Module 9A– Life Insurance As Well As Investment– Linked Policies II are to examine candidates on their knowledge and understanding of the attributes, kinds, advantages and negative aspects of organized products, contrast with other investment alternatives, administration framework, documents and also dangers related to the investment of organized products, specifically Structured ILPs, along with to evaluate some instances of Organized ILPs on item features, integral dangers, and efficiency under numerous market conditions in establishing item suitability for the clients. It additionally reviews the different kinds of derivatives on the market, both on-the-exchange as well as over-the-counter.There are an overall of 50 questions for this exam, in Several Selection format too. Period is 1 hr. You must score a minimum of 70% and above. One mark will be awarded for every proper solution. No mark will be awarded or subtracted for any incorrect or blank response.Health Insurance ModuleTo guarantee insurance middlemans and also business staff members who are involved in advising and/ or marketing Medical insurance items have the requisite understanding of the healthcare setting in Singapore, as well as the various types of Health Insurance items in the insurance market.All life and basic insurance intermediaries and company employee who are involved in recommending as well as/ or selling any Medical insurance items including:• Medical Cost Insurance• Handicap Income Insurance• Long-Term Treatment Insurance• Critical Ailment Insurance• Took Care Of Health Care InsuranceThose who provide advice on as well as/ or organize agreements of insurance in respect of the Medical insurance items which contain just critical disease advantages and also/ or health center income benefits are not needed to follow such requirement, supplied that they have gotten come on the Certification generally Insurance – Basic Insurance Concepts & Principles as well as Personal General Insurance, or Funding Markets & Financial Advisory Services (CMFAS) Module 9: Life Insurance and Investment-Linked Policies.There are 50 numerous choice questions which should be completed within 1 hrs 15minutes. Passing score is 70% and also higher. One mark will certainly be granted for each appropriate solution. No mark will be awarded or subtracted for any kind of wrong or empty answer.

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