Choosing the Right Lawyer (Video)

More than anything, the Ellis County Bar Association is asked by the public to assist in finding a lawyer. Choosing a lawyer is a major decision and you need to ensure you select the right lawyer for your needs. The Ellis County Bar Association created the following video to assist the citizens of Ellis County in choosing a lawyer:

When selecting a lawyer, you’ll want to:

1. Seek personal recommendations from people you trust. Good lawyers usually have an established reputation in the community.

2. Check the Ellis County Bar Association website for lawyers.

3. Look for ratings and reviews of lawyers in your area.

4. Look at the lawyer’s website or check the profile.

5. At this point, you should have a short list of lawyers. Call the lawyers and schedule a consultation.

6. Use your best judgment after meeting with the lawyer. Your relationship can last many years depending on the circumstances of your case and you want to have a good working relationship.

Uninsured (UM) Underinsured (UIM) Motorist Coverage in Texas

If you are involved in an accident with another driver who does not have insurance or does not have sufficient insurance to cover your damages, you should determine whether you have uninsured motorist coverage (UM) or underinsured motorist coverage (UIM). In Texas, if you purchase UM/UIM, your insurance company will assist with payment for your damages – up to the policy limits — if the other driver does not have insurance or sufficient insurance to compensate you for all damages.

Uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage may apply in the following situations:

(1) UM/UIM coverage may apply if you are in a vehicle and the other vehicle does not have insurance or sufficient insurance;

(2) UM/UIM coverage may apply in a hit and run accident;

(3) UM/UIM coverage may apply if you are hit by a motor vehicle as a pedestrian;

(4) UM/UIM coverage may apply if you are hit by a car while traveling on a bicycle;

(5) UM/UIM coverage may be applicable if you are a passenger in another vehicle and the driver does not have sufficient insurance.

Although it is the law in Texas to maintain insurance for a motor vehicle, many drivers do not have insurance. You should check with your own insurance company after an accident to determine whether you have UM/UIM coverage.

Author Information: Stephen Daniel is an attorney practicing personal injury law in Ellis County, Texas and works for Jenkins & Jenkins, P.C.

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